Monday Night Men’s only Meditation Class

These classes were set up to encourage men to take time out of their busy schedule to learn tools and techniques to deal with stress and anxiety. It is an opportunity to rest, relax and rejuvenate in a calm and peaceful environment. The classes are run on a drop-in basis. This means that you do not have to commit to a weekly class (especially if travel and time is a factor).

  • Time: 8pm-9.15pm
  • When: Every Monday Night
  • Cost: €15 drop in or €55 if you book 4 classes
Monday Night Men’s only Meditation Class

Lots of studies have been undertaken on the benefits of meditation for men some of which include:

  • Helps to tame a stressed-out mind
  • Time to let go of control and allow new possibilities to emerge in your life
  • Allow you to feel your feelings. Our society has thought us (sadly) that men don’t cry. Through meditation, these suppressed feelings can be carefully and gently examined and, in time, help you to release them and let them go
  • Reduce levels of anger. Again, anger can be present when emotions are not acknowledged.
  • Can alleviate depression, stress, panic, and anxiety
  • It can help you physically by reducing blood pressure and promoting good sleep
  • It allows you to come back to self and discover the real you
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