My teenage daughter has been attending Deirdre for counselling to help her deal with anxiety. I was nervous sending my daughter as teenagers can be hard to get through to but Deirdre relaxed her and she was able to relate to her with no awkwardness. They worked through lots of things together and she has taught her techniques that are really working for her. She is much more confident and happier in herself. Deirdre is so professional, calm, kind and an amazing listener and has a great sense of humour. I couldn’t recommend her any higher.

CL, Dublin.

I have been fortunate to have had many healing sessions with Deirdre over the last 6 years. Deirdre is a naturally gifted and intuitive healer and uses all her skills and knowledge of Reiki, Seichem, Crystal and Angelic healing during each session, so that each client receives the healing they need at that time. With Deirdre’s assistance I have received many personal insights that have helped me in all aspects of my life and also to move forward on my life path. Every session with Deirdre is extremely enjoyable and beneficial and I would highly recommend seeing her for healing sessions as she is a truly gifted healer and a wonderful person.

Anne O’Connor, Dublin.

I did an angel course with Deirdre in March 2012 at a very stressful time in my life. It was a wonderful opportunity to meet up with a lovely group of people and to learn so many new things about Angels. Deirdre was an excellent and natural facilitator who introduced us to the world of angels, allowing us to connect with our own angel to the point of learning our angel’s name. I, personally, learnt to focus on what I wanted to achieve in my own life. It was with Deirdre’s help that I found the motivation I needed to make some lifestyle changes. I am now in a much happier place today as a result of the time spent on this truly inspiring angel course. Love and best wishes as always to you dear Deirdre.

Siobhan Murray, Ratoath.

I started attending Deirdre for counselling after the death of my beloved Mother. I also suffered from anxiety and depression for many years.  I cannot express how much Deirdre has helped me through all this, she guided me out of the darkness and pit of depression,  and helped me focus on the positives in my life. I would highly recommend Deirdre  to anyone who suffers like I have. I know they will benefit greatly.  Such an excellent therapist, with a heart of gold. Thank you Deirdre.

P. Daly, Dublin

I have known Deirdre McCormack for several years now and would regularly book healing sessions with Deirdre. She has an amazing ability that allows her to channel really beautiful healing energy and I always feel revitalised and well after having been for a healing session. I find for me personally Deirdre has a natural way of moving stress and its affects from my body and mind. I have also attended Deirdre’s classes and work shops. Deirdre is a natural teacher, who is very compassionate and knowledgeable in all that she does. She is very intuitive and will offer feed back in a loving and kind manner. I feel blessed to have come across Deirdre and would highly recommend her.

Deborah, Dublin 15.

I go to Deirdre for both Reiki and Angelic Healing and find her treatments fantastic for me. Living a fairly hectic lifestyle I find I totally relax and feel completely rejuvenated after a session with her. We all have some stress in our lives and I would certainly recommend a visit to Deirdre to help de-stress, relax and live our lives to the full.

Jean Maguire, Ashbourne.

Deirdre provides one of the most safe environments that enables me to open up and work through a number of past traumas. I've worked with a number of therapist over the years and found Deirdre to be the best at getting to the route of my issues. Deirdre has an amazing ability that combines empathy and directness that allows a safe environment for me to share my thoughts with no judgement. I highly recommend Deirdre for anyone who needs help with bereavement and mental health issues.

MT, Co. Meath

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